Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith
The MUD is not open officially; however, feel free to connect and beta-play.
If this is your first time to play, it is suggested that you ask questions from veteran players and/or read help files about the rules of the MUD and gameplay aspects. Staff are also always open to questions, so please treat them with respect and use them as a tool to supplement your gaming.
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After a long absense, due to one reason or another, Jedi vs Sith has begun more development towards its structure. I am mainly focusing on game crashing issues and such that mostly associate from the account system trying to save people who are link-dead or some other reason. A few new features are being added while others are being touched up, some are even being completed which have probably been untouched in years. I have currently pushed the code to version 1.4.0 as a base number. Once this code version has been completed, it will probably mark the end for development. The MUD is in a player-test mode which anybody can come and chat and we can do whatever. Once the code is finished it may be released, and it may not.
by Diablo at Tue Oct 25 16:32:05 2016

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