Syntax: auction
Syntax: auction (item name) (starting value)
Syntax: auction bid (value)
Syntax: auction stop

The auction command is used for performing auctions. Simply typing
auction will display the current item being auctioned, if there is one.

If nothing is being auctioned, auction (item name) (starting value) will
begin an auction. If no starting value is specified, it will start at 0

Auction bid (value) will place a bet for the item, and
auction stop (immortals only) will stop an auction in progress.

Special thanks to Erwin Andreasen for writing this function.
(Ported here from a publicly available source.)

At the present, if the mud crashes in mid auction, you will lose both
your bidded money and the item. This will soon be fixed.

You are able to see auction almost from the point of character creation,
however, you cannot USE auction until level THREE or higher. To remove
the auction channel from your screen, type CHANNEL -AUCTION.
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