*LOOK (l) - can used by itself to look at the room you stand in
- you can look at objects: LOOK (object)
- you can look at mobs and players: LOOK (mob or player name)

*SLEEP (sl) - sleeping will replenish your hitpoints, force, and movement

*REST (r) - will replenish your hp, force, and mv, but slower than sleep
- you can still communicate when resting but not while sleeping

*WAKE (wa)/ STAND (st) - will return you to the standing position

*SIT - your character will sit down

*OPEN/CLOSE (direction or object) - will open/close a door or container

*LOCK/UNLOCK (direction or object) - will lock/unlock a door or container

*PICK (direction or container) - will pick lock on door or container

*INVENTORY (in) - will show you all the objects you are carrying

*EQUIPMENT (eq) - will show you all the equipment you are wearing
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