Syntax: bank (account) (deposit|withdraw|balance|close|upgrade) [amount]
bank (open|list)
bank (account) (clanwithdraw|clandeposit) [amount]

This is the new bank system in SW:JvS! A player can have a limit of 3 bank accounts
opened at one time. Accounts can gain interest depending on their account level
You can also transfer bank account funds to a clan if you are in one. This replaces
the clan donate and withdraw system. You must still be empowered to withdraw funds.
Bank account levels are setup as follow and provide the following features:

Level 1: Standard Account, 100,000 credit limit, No Interest Gained,
No Transfers

Level 2: Preferred Account, 1,000,000 credit limit, 0.2% Interest Gained,
5 Transfers Per Day

Level 3: Premium Account, 5,000,000 credit limit, 0.5% Interest Gained,
10 Transfers Per Day

Level 4: Platinum Account, 10,000,000 credit limit, 1% Interest Gained,
25 Transfers Per Day

Level 5: Master Account, 25,000,000 credit limit, 2% Interest Gained,
50 Transfers Per Day

*Note: Level 5 Accounts can only be obtained through questing.

The account number will be colored depending on what flag is currently set on your
account. Here is the color codes:

Normal General Frozen Blocked Spouse

GENERAL accounts can be accessed by anyone.
FROZEN accounts are locked due to abuse.
BLOCKED accounts are locked through ingame occurences.

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