Syntax: blueteam (message)
Syntax: redteam (message)
Syntax: tag (person/frozen teammate)
Syntax: ftag join
ftag info
ftag who

The Freeze Tag system is a fun game to play when 3+ people are on at a
time. Scores are not kept and killing is not permitted. Its just a fun
game of freeze tag, just like when you were a kid.

BLUETEAM will allow people on the blueteam to message their teammates
to ask for help if they are frozen.

REDTEAM does the same thing as BLUETEAM, but only for the REDTEAM.

TAG will freeze a person of the opposite team, if you come across a person
on your team who is frozen, this will allow you to unfreeze them.

FTAG is the main command, you can join, see when the next game will start
or see who is currently playing. FTAG WHO will show you who is frozen, and
who isn't frozen.
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