Botting is using macros and scripts to detect input in the game to automatically
make your character act in a certain way.Most times people use BOTTING
to advance their levels or do quests to gain money and quest points. Often
times this requires the player to enter a command numerous times. The
botting system here is designed to detect these commands being entered
and if you trigger the detection system you will automatically be flagged
as a botter.If you are flagged as a botter, you will be required to answer
a mathematical question every 15 minutes.

The questions are basic addition/subtraction/multiplication.
If you do not answer the question, you will remain frozen. Once you have
answered the question, you will resume playing and be given a new question
in another 15 minute interval. Upon successfully answered 5 questions,
the flag will automatically be removed.

If you repeat spamming commands, you will be re-flagged and need to
complete the math questions once again.
Date Modified: Thu Feb 11 15:40:40 2016
Modified By: Diablo
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