Syntax: buyvendor
Syntax: collectgold
Syntax: nameshop (shop name)
Syntax: placevendor (shop name)
Syntax: pricevendor (item) (cost)
Syntax: sellvendor

BUYVENDOR will buy a deed for a vendor. The deed is an actual object and can
be given to other players if you do not currently have a vendor.

COLLECTGOLD will collect all of the credits that have been made by the vendor
minus the 10 percent cost the vendor keeps.

NAMESHOP can rename your shop to anything you wish as long as you are standing
in your shop.

PLACEVENDOR will use your deed in an empty shop to create a new shop along with
a vendor. You will also need to name your shop while doing so.

PRICEVENDOR will set the price of the items the vendor is carrying.

SELLVENDOR will destroy your vendor and his items, and return half of the deed
cost to you.

Some important things to keep in mind are other players cannot give items to a
vendor that is not theirs. If the owner of the vendor buys an item the vendor is
carrying, there will be no exchange of credits.
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