Syntax: chat (message)
Syntax: music (message)
Syntax: ask (message)
Syntax: answer (message)
Syntax: shout (message)
Syntax: yell (message)
Syntax: ooc (message)
Syntax: ooc @(action) (--- this is a gocial

These commands send messages through communication channels to other players.

SHOUT sends a message to all awake players in the world. To curb excessive
shouting, SHOUT imposes a three-second delay on the shouter.

CHAT, MUSIC, and QUESTION and ANSWER also send messages to all interested
players. '.' is a synonym for CHAT.

The ASK and ANSWER commands both use the same 'question' channel.
These channels are reserved for immortals.

YELL sends a message to all awake players within your area.

You can use the CHANNELS command to hear, or not hear, any of these channels.

OOC stands for out of character and is the only chennel that should be used
for real world chatting as opposed to roleplaying.

Gocials work like emotes, but on the OOC channel.

Most channels now require a comlink.
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