You may choose a fight by finding a mob, and using LOOK, CONSIDER, and
IDENTIFY to gauge the difficulty of the opponent. You can LOOK (mob)
to get a look at its equipment and description, this will often help
indictate how hard a fight might be. You can CONSIDER (mob) for a one
on one comparison of the mobs hitpoints and level to your own. You may
also FEEL IDENTIFY (mob) to get more detailed information about the mob
if you have force ability.

You may start a fight by using KILL, MURDER, or many powers and skills
available to players. The easiest way to start a fight is to KILL (mob).
Currently, you may also MURDER (mob), but this causes the mob to yell out.

You may find yourself in trouble during a fight, and wish to leave, this
can be done by using FLEE or RECALL. You can flee a fight by typing FLEE.
You may recall from a fight with the power 'word of recall' or by reciting
a recall scroll. You may also set it up to flee automatically once you go
below a certain number of hitpoints by using WIMPY. To use your wimpy, type
WIMPY or WIMPY (number of hitpoints). Leaving a fight with wimpy, flee, and
recall WILL cost you a loss of experience, with recall causing the greatest

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