Syntax: config + or - (option)

This command configures some of your character behavior. Typing CONFIG
alone shows you your current settings. With a plus or minus sign and
an option, CONFIG turns that option on or off.
The options are:


PAGER You'll see a paged list, USE PAGER command.
GAG Toggle whether you see battle details in full or brief form.
BRIEF You see brief descriptions only.
COMBINE You see object lists in combined format.
BLANK You have a blank line before your prompt.
PROMPT You have a prompt.
COMPASS You'll see a compass instead of directions with look.


AUTOSAC You automatically sacrifice corpses.
AUTOCRED You automatically split gold from kills with your group.
AUTOLOOT You automatically loot corpses.
AUTOEXIT You automatically see exits.


NICE Prevents combat against other players with some skills.
NOINDUCT Prevents clans from inducting you without permission.
NOAPPRENTICE Prevents you from being apprenticed by other players.
NOFOLLOW Prevents other players from following you using FOLLOW.
NOCHALLENGE Prevents players from challenging you to the arena.
CENSOR Prevents foul langauge being displayed.
INSTANCE Prevents you from wandering into instances.


TELNTGA You receive a telnet GA sequence.
NOT FLEEING You will automatically try to flee when HP is low.
NOSOUND You will hear MUD Sound Protocol sounds as long as you have
a client that supports sound and sound files.
NOHISCORE You will not be added to HISCORE tables.


ANSI You will see ANSI color.
MSSP You will hear sounds with the proper client and files.
MCCP Your data will be compressed with a supported client.

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