There are three levels of government: 1. ORGANIZATIONS: The major player
run superpowers are the New Repubic, The Empire, and The Corperate
Authority. There are also several small organizations and crime families
operating independantly. Type CLANS for a list. 2. regional GOVERNMENTS:
These are small areas that may be controlled and profited from by player
organizations. They may be captured by organizations with the capture
command. Type GOVERNMENTS for a list. 3. The SENATE: The senate was
restored by the New republic shortly after the battle of Endor. It has
since then broken off its direct ties with the New Republic in order to
include the council heads from all worlds including Imperial controlled
worlds. The senate meets monthly at the traditional senate hall on
coruscant. However because of the difficulty that imperials face flying
near coruscant a shuttle has been set up that provides safe transportation
from a nuetral outpost to the Senate hall. The senate hall also has a
series of opinion booths were council heads can comunicate with their
people. These opinion booths are also used for electing new council heads.
Type SENATE for a list of senators.

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