*WEAR (object) - you will wear that piece of equipment

*WIELD (weapon) - you will wield that weapon

*HOLD (object) - you will hold that object in your hands

*REMOVE (rem) (object) - the object is remove and placed in inventory

*COMPARE (com) (object1) (object2) - will compare the value of two items

*REPAIR (repa) (object) - the blacksmith will repair your damaged item

*APPRAISE (object) - the blacksmith will tell the cost to repair the item

*LIST - when in a store, the items for sale will be listed

*BUY (object) - you will purchase the item for the given price

*SELL (object) - you will sell the item to the store and receive money

*VALUE (object) - the storekeeper will say how much they will pay for item
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