Well, these things have been added to make playing here much more enjoyable,
they will make advancing your character a little easier. Here is an explanation
of what each will do for you if its on, use MUDSTAT to see which ones are on
or not.

DOUBLEQP - when you are on a quest, and you complete it, you will receive double
the quest points.

DOUBLERP - same as DOUBLEQP, but only for Roleplay points.

DOUBLECOMBAT - when you are fighting a mob, and you kill it, you will receive
double the experience, so no more 1 exp kills!! Now its just 2.. :)

SUPERTAIN - when you successfully use a skill, you would normally gain 1-2 percent
in the skill, when SUPERTRAINing is on, you will get 2-4 percent. Also,
using the TRAIN command, would normally take 7 ticks, with this on, it
only takes 3 ticks.

Date Modified: Mon Jul 25 20:48:19 2005
Modified By: Diablo
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