Syntax : empower (player)
Syntax : empower (player) (command)

With the use of this command, clan leaders can empower other memebers of the
clan to use special clan commands. The commands that can be empowered are:

pilot : allows members to use clan ships
bank : you can withdraw and deposit clan funds
clanbuyship : members can buy clan ships
clansellship : members can sell clan ships
clanbuyvehicle : members can buy clan vehicles
clansellvehicle: members can sell clan vehicles
induct : enlist new members
pshields : turn shields on and off from a controlled planet
pturrets : turn autotargetting on and off with turrets on clan controlled planets
roster : see a list of current members
war : declare war and peace with other clans
empower : empower other members
clanbounty : add bounties on players using clan funds
rembounty : Hunters Guild Only: remove posted bounties
none : remove all empowered commands
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