The Curious, furred bipeds native to Endor's forest moon are called Ewoks.
Standing about one meter tall, the tribal Ewoks have yet to advance beyond
spears and bows, but their understanding of forest lore and survival skills
cannot be matched by a more advanced species. These Hunter gatherers live in
village clusters built high within the moon's giant trees. Easily startled, the
Ewoks are nonetheless brave, alert, and loyal, and they can be fierce warriors
when necessary. The Ewok language is liquid and expressive, and most humans and
other aliens can learn to speak it. Ewoks, conversely can learn Basic, though
they often mix in many words from their own language. During the day, Ewoks
come down out of their tree villages to hunt and forage on the forest floor. At
night, the forest belongs to huge carnivores, and even the youngest Ewoks know
not to venture out after dark. The Ewoks' mystical beliefs contain many
references to the Force, though it is never named as such. They are a musical
species, are overly curious, and are loyal to their tribes and friends.
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