*KILL (mob) - you begin to attack the mob (you need only type once)

*FLEE - you attempt to flee from the fight

*FEEL (force power) - you use the powet (see HELP (power) for more info)

*CAST (force power) - being replaced by FEEL (but you can still use cast)

*GLANCE (mob or player) - tells you how wounded the target is

*CONSIDER (con) (mob) - gives you an idea on how tough the mobile is

*LEVEL - shows you how many experience points you need till next level

*WIMPY (number) - if your hitpoints go under that number, you flee combat

*CONFIG +/-FLEE - you do/don't flee when attacked

*RESCUE (player) - you replace a player in a fight

*SHOVE (player) (direction) - a deadly player is shoved in a given direction

*DRAG (player) (direction) - a sitting deadly player is moved that direction
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