| north east west south northeast exit | follow group gtell ; split |
| northwest southeast southwest sleep |--------------------------------------|
| rest sit wake stand somewhere unlock | INFORMATION |
| up down enter climb where fly float | areas experience score title weather |
|--------------------------------------| channels description experience note |
| CONFIG OPTIONS | who wizlist story tick MOTD news bug |
| autoloot autocred telnetga autoexit | mail time password slist report typo |
| nice flee norecall blank combine rip | powers skills weapons languages idea |
| nointro prompt ansi autosac shovedrag|--------------------------------------|
|--------------------------------------| COMMUNICATION |
| OBJECTS | social quest clan ordertalk guildtalk|
| get put drop give sacrifice hold dig| say tell chat question answer auction|
| appraise list buy sell equipment |--------------------------------------|
| recite quaff zap brandish compare | COMBAT |
| empty fill eat drink examine pick |kill flee wimpy rescue aid murder cast|
Also see help on: !, save, quit, pagelength, and practice.
To use the help menu, just type "help (topic)".
To see help on individual areas, you can now type "help (full area name)".
If you are new to the game, type HELP NEWBIE to see a special help series.

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