Very notably, Hutts are recognized as one of the first starfaring races.
The Hutts evolved on Varl, which is now a desolate abandoned world, in the
Ardos star system. They currently call an area of space referred to as
Hutt Space their home. The main world of Hutt Space is Nal Hutta, in the
Y'Toub system, along with it's famous moon Nar Shaddaa. These bodies are
the at the center of the Hutt universe.

Hutts are quite large, resembling slugs. A Hutt has slit-like nostrils, red
or yellow eyes, one giant foot-like appendage to move around on and an
internal mantle to support its body shape. Even without a skeleton, a
Hutt's thick blubbery skin and incredible muscle will provide it
protection. Hutts are hermaphroditic, and considered male unless pregnant.
Until the age of 70 a little Huttlet will live in its parent's brooding
pouch. At adulthood, around 130 years, they are about the height of your
average human, 3 metres long, and weigh about 500 kilos. A Hutt may live
longer than 1,000 years.

Hutts are generally accepted as being immoral, physically repulsive and
criminally adept, often times building an underground criminal empire.
Whether or not they bother to front a legitimate enterprise.
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