When you log into the mud, you suddenly become two people. One of you is
sitting behind a keyboard and the other is the Star Wars Universe. It's
very important to be able to separate the two.

IC means In Character. If another character tells you a secret,
both your character and the person behind the keyboard knows. In other words,
you know the secret both IC and OOC.

OOC means Out Of Character. If another PLAYER tells
you a secret, the player behind the keyboard knows this. You know the secret OOC.
However, and this is very important, your CHARACTER does not know! You have no IC
knowledge of this. What this means is that if another player tells you he is going to
murder you in five minutes, then your character can't do anything about it. Your
character is not aware of this plot against his life!

Just the same, you may only kill a player if your character has an IC
reason. You can't kill character for what is going on between you and that
player on an OOC plane. Doing so is illegal and will be severely

See also RP
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