The Mon Calamari are a race of shore-dwelling bipeds. Living on a planet
almost totally covered with oceans, they have developed a symbiotic
relationship with the water-dwelling Quarren. These inhabitants of the sea
mine ore from the ocean's floor and the Mon Calamari design practical uses
for it. While they are not the most agile or tough race, their long
fight against the Empire has taught them many survival skills.

When the Empire came to Mon Calamari, it decimated the population and their
proliferate floating cities. After months of fighting, the Imperial force
was repelled and the first collective action of the planet was to seek entry
into the Alliance. The Mon Calamari also provided a great asset to the
Alliance during the war, converting their numerous Pleasure Cruisers into
machines of war, bringing much needed capitol ships to the Aliiance's forces.
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