The Noghri are a race of great hunters and warriors. Incredible agility
lend them a large advantage in combat. For the most part, Noghri are
not technologically advanced, they lack any sort of "street smarts," as
almost none of them have ever gone offworld, and those that do only do so
as body guards and similar occupations. Their small size also limits their
constition, and thus succumb to wounds more quickly than humans.

The Noghri live on the fourth planet in their system, the only one of seven
capable of supporting life. Honoghr is, for the most part, a barren world.
Years ago, during the Clone Wars, a large starship crashed into the planet,
causing massive destruction and posoining much of the planet with coolant
fluids. Since, the Noghri have been extremely dependant on the Empire or
the New Republic for food.
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