The following are the tags used for adding color in your text.

Foreground text tag:
Tokens for foreground text are:

x - Black r - Dark Red g - Dark Green
O - Orange (brown) b - Dark Blue p - Purple
c - Cyan w - Grey z - Dark Grey
R - Red G - Green Y - Yellow
B - Blue P - Pink C - Light Blue
W - White
v or V - Reverse the colors.
u or U - Underline the text.
i or I - Italicize the text.
s or S - Strikeover text.
D - Resets to custom color for whatever is being displayed.
d - Resets to terminal default color.

Blinking foreground text tag: }}
Tokens for blinking text are:

}}x - Black }}r - }rDark Red }}g - }gDark Green
}}O - }OOrange (brown) }}b - }bDark Blue }}p - }pPurple
}}c - }cCyan }}w - }wGrey }}z - }zDark Grey
}}R - }RRed }}G - }GGreen }}Y - }YYellow
}}B - }BBlue }}P - }PPink }}C - }CLight Blue
}}W - }WWhite

When putting color in something, please try to remember to close your
colors with a D tag so that anyone viewing it won't have to deal with
color bleeding all over the place. The same holds for italic or underlined
text as well.

The d tag should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Background color tag: ^^
Tokens for background color are:

^^x - Black ^^r - Red ^^g - Green
^^O - Orange ^^b - Blue ^^p - Purple
^^c - Cyan ^^w - Grey

If setting both foreground and background colors. The foreground must
be used before the background color. Also, the last color setting in your
prompt will wash over into the text you type. So, if you want a set
of colors for your typed text, include that at the end of your prompt set.

Example (assuming current h.p.'s of 43 and mana of 23):

Prompt Y^^b(%h/x^^r%m)w^^x = (43/23)
{A} {B} {C}

A) Yellow with blue background.
B) Black with dark red background.
C) Light Grey with black background.

See also: PROMPT, ANSI
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