Here on Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith, we try to make your experience as realistic as
possible. One of our efforts to achieve this is to make ship building, a player
skill. With the introduction of the Technician class, players are able to take
on the role of a ship builder. The Technician class and its skills have been
heavily modified and tuned to make the ship building process as unqiue as possible.
One of the additions with the ship building system, is the introduction to new
ship-grade items, such as durasteel, circuits, superconductors, and other regular
items. Keep in mind these new ship-grade items cannot be used for regular engineering
skills and must be used for building/repairing/modifying player ships.

The main component needed by ship building, is the ship-grade durasteel. This item
cannot be bought as is from any shop in the game. You must find the ore, the ore
is usually burried on different planets. Once you find the ore, you must seek
an experienced engineer who can use the REFINE skill and turn it into durasteel
for you. Other components are circuits, wire, and conductors which can be made
with skills by Technicians with the proper sub materials.

When using addroom to expand a ship, you will need to obtain special items for
different room types. For example if you want to build a navigators room, you
would need a navigation computer along with the other three components needed
to add a room. When adding a Turret to your mid-sized ships, you will need a
Turbolaser Turret which are very rare to find and can be bought from doing quests.

Once the ship is made, all of its stats will be set to zero. In order to get
your ship in a flying condition, you will need to purchase and install modules.
Starfighters are set to have a maximum of 10 modules and midships have a maximum
of 15. Depending on the owner of the ship, you can see how each ship will be different.
Again, only a Technician is able to install and remove modules.

As a step to prevent the stealing of ships, the ship must be in a MODIFY mode in order
for a Technician to addrooms, decorate or install/remove modules. To set ship in modify
mode you simply use the MODE command.
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