Power playing. Easily done by mistake, but something that should be
avoided at all costs. Power playing is when someone poses for someone
else. Dictates someone else's actions. This truly pisses people off. An

Boba Fett listens to Darth and gets angrier with every word. He rips off
Darth's helmet and hits him in the face so hard that Darth falls down unconscious.

Ok... What's wrong here? Well, maybe Darth wanted to use the force to stop
him? Maybe he was simply going to dodge the punch? Maybe he was going to
turn tails and run like a school girl in a bad neighbourhood? Darth didn't
get ANY say in the matter here. I can almost guarantee that Darth would
refuse to continue to RP and would never speak to Boba Fett's player ever

This is power playing. Don't do it. However, everything is power playing.
Just speaking is, since you assume that he'll be quiet for long enough to
listen. So where is the line drawn? The answer is that there is no line.
You'll just have to use your best judgement.

See also RP
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