Syntax: prompt (string)

Sets your prompt to a given string.

The game automatically sets your prompt when your character is created.
You can use PROMPT to change your prompt to something else.

If you type 'default' as the string, your prompt will be set back to the
game default. Otherwise you may use any string you want. A few special
characters may be embedded into the string to customize it to your
player, followed by a token indicating what action to take.

The first special character is: %
Tokens for % are:
%h - current hitpoints
%H - maximum hitpoints
%m - current forcepoints
%M - maximum forcepoints
%v - current movement
%V - maximum movement
%g - gold held
%a - your alignment
%r - vnum of current room (Immortal only)
%R - vnum of current room (Immortal only, and only if config +vnum is
set. Shows '(#vnum) ', including trailing space)
%x - current experience
%X - experience needed to gain a level
%i - Wizinvis (Immortal only, shows '(Invis Lv) ', including trailing
%I - Raw wizinvis (Immortal only, only shows 'Lv', and only if wizinvis
is active)
%e - displays the enemy health bar
%T - Will display time of day as day, dusk, dawn, night
%N - will skip a space in your prompt, allowing you to have more space for
your custom prompts

The other special characters are:
- Foreground color
^^ - Background color

Example: Prompt %h%m%v
Will give you a prompt of current hit points, force, and movement.

Please see HELP COLORS for a list of the color tokens.
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