The following is a list of websites which provide information on
roleplaying in Star Wars. These have been brought to my attention by
players - any more would be helpful to both new players, and those
experienced players looking for more information. If anyone finds more,
post information on the contact board to Diablo, and they'll be looked

1. An extensive naming guide.
Provided by: Ryysh

2. Provides information on both Sith and Jedi.
Provided by: Ryysh

3. Some information on bounty hunters.
Provided by: Ryysh

4. Pictures of ships and species, to give an idea what descriptions should
be like.
Provided by: Antiphelas

5. Star Wars Ships and Vehicles
Provided by: Heric

6. Star Wars Technical Commentaries - a good site for technical type
information, empire/republic histories, etc
Provided by: Heric

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