There are a number of channels at your disposal, doing different things.
These are not all of them. This is just a list of the most common and
important ones.

OOC The Out of Character channel. Talk about the weather, the rash
on your thigh or ask if anyone else lives in New York. If a newbie
tries to use the OOC channel, the message ends up on
NEWBIE. That channel is just as OOC. Established players
can't use the NEWBIE channel and so answer on OOC. Don't
ask about IC things here. People will simply tell you to ask over
the CHAT channel.

YELL These two channels fuction just like the SAY command. It
SHOUT considered IC and is used to communicate with people in the
room with you. SEE ALSO help RPTOOLS

TELL Person to person communication. Considered IC unless otherwise
CHAT Mud-wide radio communication. This channel should always be
kept IC.

WAR Non-censored channel where you can curse as much as you
like. This Channel should be kept IC.

CLAN Radio communication to your clan members. Usually considered

See also RP
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