There's a lot to be said about style. Everyone has their own opinion.
Some things however SHOULD be considered when posing.

Make sure to separate what you say and what you do in some way. The common
way is to encapsulate speech in '' or "". Another is to use colours. Let
me show you a bad and a good example.

Boba Fett laughs. He really is an ugly man. He is quiet for a moment and
then speaks up. Not that I really care.

Boba Fett laughs. "He really is an ugly man." He is quiet for a
moment and then speaks up. "Not that I really care."

See in how the first pose can be misinterpreted? Make life easier for
your fellow players. Be clear. Another thing is of course using proper
English. Use capital letters at the beginning of sentences and
punctuation. try to keep actions in emotes instead of trying to squeeze
them into speech, using smileys and signs. It's not fun to have to decrypt
something like the below example and many will grow tired of it very, very
quickly and find someone else to RP with.

Boba Fett says, '*sits down* oh i dunno he came to me last night i don't
know who the guy is he sure was annoying though :) kept talking about my
mother and all I wanted to smack him but i am no fighter you know say, do
you know who he was'

Continued in RPSTYLE2
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