Another thing is multi-posing. Usually Boba would pose, then Darth would,
then Boba would, then it would be Darth's turn... You get the idea. But
what happens if Boba makes his pose. And then another. And another. And

Every time Boba adds something, Darth will have to change what he is
writing to fit the new situation. A fast typer can spit out five or six
poses, more even if the person he RPs with is writing a long pose. Darth's
player will start to grow annoyed, trust me. Try instead to think first.
Then put everything you want to say and do into one pose. it's just easier
that way.

In larger groups, it can quickly get chaotic. People pose to the left and
right and some people just never get the time to finish their poses
because others pose too fast. In cases like this it can help to establish
a pose order. You OOCly agree that Boba poses first, then Darth, then Han
and Leia is last. When Leia is done, the turn goes back to Boba. This way
everyone will get the chance to respond to everything that is going on. In
groups of 3 to 5, this is often the most rewarding way. You are after all
doing this together.

See also RP
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