The following commands are used to control spacecraft in Star Wars Reality:

SHIPS Shows list of ships that are for sale or rent.
BOARD (shipname) Enters a ship.
LEAVESHIP Leaves a ship.
LAUNCH Launches a ship .. make sure you wait till finished
before doing anything else.
LAND (location) Lands at specified dock.
SPEED (newspeed) Accelerates to specified speed.
COURSE (x y z) Stears ship towards vector x y z.
STATUS Shows ships status.
INFO (ship) Gives info on a ship.
RADAR Scans the surrounding system.
HYPERSPACE Preforms hyperspce jump to system set with calculate.
CALCULATE (system) Calculates hyperspace jump to system.
BUYSHIP Used to purchas a ship.
SELLSHIP Sells the ship to the local shipyard.
SHIELDS [ON|OFF|IDLE] Turns shields on or off (idle leaves shields on but
they do not recharge and eventually drain away).
RECHARGE Recharges shields faster.
OPENHATCH (ship) Opens ships hatch.
CLOSEHATCH (ship) Closes ships hatch.
TARGET (ship) Aims weapons or turret at specified target.
FIRE [missile|rocket|torpedo] Fires lasers or specified missile.
FIRE [magnetic|proximity|seeker] Fires a mine of the type selected.
REPAIRSHIP [shipsystem] Preforms repairs to ships hull or specified system.
ADDPILOT (name) Allows a character to pilot your ship.
REMPILOT (name) Removes a character from your ships pilot list.
AUTOTRACK Automaticly adjusts you course to follow your target.
CLANBUYSHIP Buys a ship for your organization.
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