Role Playing is just what it sounds like. Pretending to be someone else.
For most of us, it's the only chance we ever get at being a pilot of a
starship, a sly diplomat or the leader of a crime syndicate.

When you create a character in the game, it's just a name with a bunch of
numbers attached. On many muds, that's all a character is. On this mud
however, role playing is enforced. If that's something you dislike, you
might be happier on another mud. On this mud, your character is expected
to be more than just numbers. A character needs an appearance. It needs a
personality. A background. This is what makes the characters here say,
You see doc, I'm areally good pilot. As good as they come." instead of
saying "I have 95% in midship skill."

It's more fun to interact with a character that had depth. How much time
you spend on giving that character depth is of course entirely up to you.
It's wise however to have at least a general outline of who your character
is. How did he grow up? Is he shy? Bold and daring? Hungry for power? Why
is he any of these things? Maybe he's mad? It's of course common for
people to create mentally stable, physically capable battle machines for
characters, but more often than not they can be rather boring to play.
They can appear to be very shallow. It's the ones with weaknesses and odd
little quirks that are the most rewarding to play. Not just for you but
for everyone who interacts with that character as well.

See also RP
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