The game divided into many rooms which are connected by various
directionals to make up areas. When you are in a room, you can
find the exits in the room by typing EXITS. Autoexit is a helpful
command to initiate (type CONFIG +AUTOEXIT), because it will
automatically show you what exits there are in the room. Be warned
however, you will only see the obvious exits. You must pay attention
to the room descriptions to see if there might be any doors or hidden
passages in the room.

Directional commands: (in parentheses you find the shorthand)
NORTH (n) SOUTH (s) EAST (e) WEST (w) UP (u) DOWN (d)

Note: You will notice that in the prompt (20hp 10bp 20mv), the 'mv'
refers to your movement points. If your movement points were
to run out, you will be unable to move between rooms due to
exhaustion. If you type SLEEP or REST your movement points will
slowly be replenished. You must type STAND or WAKE before
walking again.
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