Syntax: aquest points
Syntax: aquest info
Syntax: aquest time
Syntax: aquest request (mob)
aquest request (item)
Syntax: aquest complete
Syntax: aquest list
Syntax: aquest buy
Syntax: aquest fail

The quest system allows players to receive missions that they must complete
in order to aquire quest points for buying rare and valueable equipment. When
a player goes on a quest, he/she will be asked to find objects or kill mobs
depending on what kind of quest they request. Mob quests will also give you
Bounty Hunting experience.

Using other commands will show you more information as to where you need to go,
the time you have left, the ammount of points you have and other such things. The
syntaxs are pretty much self explanatory.

Keep in mind, when a player completes a quest, he/she will be given a timer of 15
minutes to wait until they can quest again. If you fail, its 30 minutes. You will
be notified hen you can quest again.
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